Intangible Heritage Exhibition

This exhibition was a showcase of the intangible heritage masters of the Sichuan province. It was funded by the Sichuan provincial government. I was responsible for: Budget management, Team & contractor management, engaging contractors to commission the building of bespoke presentation cases, entrance displays and digital display elements of the exhibition.

Exhibition curation – working collaboratively with the intangible heritage association as well as participating artists to create and socialise an exhibition concept and layout that myself and the artists could be proud of.
Project management – managing timelines, budgets, delivery of artworks, organising onsite security and appropriate transport and presentation for large artworks including a large caligraphy installation transported from Beijing and a large heritage Thangka transported from Tibet.

Digital installations – because this was an intangible heritage exhibition I worked with a local digital artist to make the exhibition interactive and bring the practice of intangible crafts to life. This included Vjs & DJs from the local music scene as well as live 3D animation artists.

Working with complex stakeholder groups and artists – This exhibition was one of the most challenging in terms of managing artists and stakeholders, many of the indigenous minority artists required translators, transport and specific equipment but had rarely participated in formal exhibitions, so struggled to articulate their needs. The local government officials also required a lot of assurance around the messaging and political sensitivity of working with indigenous minorities.

Liaising with government departments, local consulate and Embassy staff, international and local tertiary institutes Organising and inviting dignitaries and international artists.

Performance art – the exhibition consisted of multiple daily performances from heritage masters, including shadow puppet shows, calligraphy masters live demonstrations, minority weaving / singing performances. I managed the scheduling, placement, equipment and marketing of these live performances.